We get that question all the time. Why will 3rd Gen Tactical make a difference in my shop? Why will my customers buy 3rd Gen Tactical over existing parts? How will 3rd Gen Tactical help my business grow?

We know your customers have a lot of choices when it comes to the firearms they purchase, but as a dealer or distributor, so do you. So why should you choose 3rd Gen Tactical? We like to think it’s in the details.

At 3rd Gen Tactical you are family to us. Our first job is to make sure you are taken care of with the highest quality parts and services in the industry. We look at your business as a partner. Each helping the other grow and succeed in the firearms industry. If your business is not growing and succeeding, then we aren’t either. We want to make sure you have the right parts, that will make sure your customers come back to your store, for generations to come.

We are big on using the term “generations” around here. That’s because we’ve designed our parts to perform not just for six months, or a year, but for generations. We want our products to be passed down the family line. Your customer knows when they are buying 3rd Gen Tactical from your store, it’s going to last a long time!

We use 7075 T-6 Aircraft Grade Billet Aluminum in all our products, ensuring superior strength and durability. Next we use one of our many world-class CNC machines to machine the product out of a solid block of that 7075 T-6 Aluminum. We choose to machine our products, never forged, to give them uncompromising quality and performance. Every part is inspected at each stage of the machining process. We want to make sure when your customer get’s our part; it’s perfect. If it doesn’t pass our standards, it doesn’t leave the shop floor. After each part is machined, it’s laser-engraved and anodized with a type 3 black anodizing. For a small setup fee, you can customize our products with your logo, truly making it your own.

3rd Gen Tactical is proud to offer special dealer/distributor pricing to our partners. After your first order, 3rd Gen Tactical is happy to offer financing for those interested. A quick credit application and you are ready to go!

We are excited to partner with you in providing the best parts for your customers. Please get in touch with us today.