Apr 28th 2022

Time to Customize!

So we did a thing....no seriously, we are stoked about this! We want to make sure you are getting the biggest bang for your buck (no pun intended, or actually maybe we did intended it!) 

Now when you shop any 3GT Rifle, Pistol, or Builder Set you can pick a variety of options. Every 3GT Rifle or Pistol allows you 3 different points to customize. You can now choose what barrel, trigger or color your rifle or pistol will come with. Choose from a medium profile or a pencil barrel to add to your build. For the trigger pick either a mil-spec, CMC Single Stage Flat, or the brand new RMT Nomad. Finally, the choice is yours with what color you want your build to be. Pick from any of the following:


-Battleworn Bronze


-Grey Swampland

-OD Green

-Urban Granite

-Woodland Canopy

Our Liberty Series comes with Black, FDE, and OD Green options, while our Patriot Line is available in all colors. From now on, we wanna make sure when you buy a firearm from 3GT, you get exactly what you want. This also allows us to adjust the pricing to better fit your budget. Try it out today. There are over 108 different combinations you can choose from. Your Gun. Your Way.